The best inflatable paddle surf boards

There are many reasons that attract us to this aquatic activity. In the first place, it can be practiced at all ages, since when going with a paddle, the movement is easier and requires less balance.

We can also enjoy your practice without the need for waves. Thus, swamps, reservoirs, lakes or quiet beaches become great alternatives to enjoy outdoor sports.

Once decided to practice paddle surfing, we bet on the choice of an inflatable board. They are cheaper, ideal for those who are new to this sport, and easier to transport after being deflated.

And most importantly, as they are softer, the falls will be less traumatic, that is why they are highly recommended boards for beginners and children.

- There are many reasons that attract us to this aquatic activity. In the first place, it can be practiced at all ages, since when going with a paddle, the movement is easier and requires less balance.


Inflatable paddle surf boards, like surfboards, tend to be large. But when choosing, we must be very clear if we want them to catch waves, to race on water or for both. Our decision will influence the length of the table.

About 255 centimeters long they have the inflatable boards indicated to catch waves in the sea. If we are going to compete in a lake or reservoir, we will need larger boards, starting at 3 meters. An intermediate measure will help us to become fond of either of the two types of this aquatic practice.


Materials and weight

Inflatable paddle surf boards should be as light as possible and usually range between 10 and 15 kilos in weight. Manufacturers specializing in these products are continually innovating to reduce weight without reducing the stiffness of the board.

It is important to emphasize one detail: the thicker our board is, the more stability we will achieve when we get on it.

In the market we can find tables made in 3 different ways:

The single layer , composed of a PVC sheet at all ends, which are joined by threads. They are less rigid, lighter and cheaper boards. The downside of this type of board is that it offers very limited performance for use with waves.

Then we have the double layer boards , made up of two PVC sheets that increase their rigidity, but also their weight. In rough seas they work better than single layer.

And finally, we find those with fused layers , which are the best on the market. No glue is used for its manufacture, but the layers of the best materials are fused. Thus they become the lightest boards but offer the greatest rigidity once inflated.

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Once we are clear about the material of the board that suits us best, we must look at the oars. There are many materials used for its manufacture: plastic, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and carbon. The most recommended are the last two, lighter and easier to use.

Virtually all paddle surf boards are equipped with a paddle as standard.


The small accessories that our table may or may not include are decisive when making our choice.

First of all we must look at the inflator, usually included with the table. If it is manual, it will take about 10 minutes to fill our table with air, if it is electric, just 2 or 3 minutes.

Another important detail is that it includes a transport bag for our board, which will help us to maintain it when we are not using the board. They are usually made of waterproof materials.

The more extras our table includes, the better. This way we will not have to buy them separately and we will save money. But what extras? Well, fins or fins, to provide more safety and maneuverability to our board.

If we are going to travel, being equipped with a seat for our board will not hurt us. And if we have a strap to keep us hooked to our board, we will save strokes to recover it in the event of a fall.

- There are many reasons that attract us to this aquatic activity. In the first place, it can be practiced at all ages, since when going with a paddle, the movement is easier and requires less balance.

Complete package with the Bluefin Cruise 10’8 ” Paddel Surf board

If what we are looking for is a product that includes all the necessary elements to start practicing SUP, we will bet on this Bluefin Cruise model because it includes everything.

The board measures 3.25 meters long, 83.5 centimeters wide and 18 thick, which gives a person a lot of stability on the water. Even to navigate accompanied by a child, a seated adult or a pet.

It is manufactured with the double layer system welded with heat and reinforced with PVC fabric. The top of the board is covered with a non-slip, UV-resistant plate, which increases its durability.

It includes 2 adjustable and very light oars, since its handle is made of fiberglass and the blade of polyurethane.

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And as the advantage of this model is its equipment, we will have at our disposal a seat to convert our board into a kayak in a very simple way. One of the paddles is designed to steer our board while using it like a kayak.

It also includes a 20-centimeter central fin, to increase speed and facilitate maneuvering, and a strap to hook the ankle to the board.

The equipment is completed with a manual inflator, which will also help us deflate the board when storing it, and a support to fix a Go Pro camera that records our aquatic adventures.

Of course, all these items can be transported inside the bag, with reinforced handles and exterior pockets for mobile, keys or money.

An economic basic: Deep Inflatable Paddle Surf Board

To get started in paddle surfing and enjoy quiet days of sailing, this basic Profun board will give us quality and stability at an economical price.

It is made with a 0.8 millimeter double layer of PVC, and has dimensions of just over 3 meters long, 76 centimeters wide and 15 meters thick. In short, it is a firm, compact and light board, weighing 8 kilos.

It is accompanied by a basic but sufficient equipment to practice this water sport. The paddle is adjustable, between 1.24 and 1.14 meters, and includes an air pump to inflate and deflate the board in about 5 minutes and without too much effort.

This model also includes an easily removable central fin, which complements the two fixed on the board, maximizing stability during the ride.

All these elements can be transported in the included bag, in which there will also be room for the puncture repair kit.

- There are many reasons that attract us to this aquatic activity. In the first place, it can be practiced at all ages, since when going with a paddle, the movement is easier and requires less balance.

The versatile EASYmaxx Inflatable Paddle Surf Board

Another basic model and at a good price is this table from EASYmaxx. In addition, it is a more versatile model since its design is suitable for both calm and more agitated waters.

It measures 3.20 meters long, 76 centimeters wide and 15 thick. But, once deflated and folded, it will adopt very compact measurements (85x40x30cm). The total weight of this piece for paddle surfing is 13 kilos.

It comes equipped with an aluminum paddle, adjustable in height, and 3 fins, two lateral and one central, which provide more balance to the journey. It also has a foot strap, a waterproof repair kit, carrying bag and manual inflator / deflator.

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The EASYmaxx SUP board provides a small detail: an elastic strap at one of the upper ends of the board, thanks to which we can safely transport a backpack or bag to carry water, some food or sunscreen.

Bestway 65303 Hydro-Force Oceana: paddle surfing and kayaking at a good price

We are now talking about an inflatable paddle board model that will allow us to navigate both standing up and in kayak mode, since it includes a seat for this purpose. And all this at a fairly affordable price.

With a length similar to those already reviewed, 3 meters, its width is a little higher, 84 centimeters, to be able to convert it into a kayak. In terms of thickness, it is one of the thinnest of our selection, 12 centimeters.

It is made of special plastics made up of several layers that increase the resistance of the board. The paddle is made of aluminum and extendable in height.

In addition to the transport bag and the manual pump, this SUP board comes equipped with 3 fins, the central one removable, and a cable to hold the ankle. In this case, the repair kit is not included.

The only downside that users give it is the low quality of the pump, which sometimes fails and is difficult to handle.

Ideal for the little ones: [in.Tec] Inflatable Surf Board

Its low price and its characteristics make it the best board for the little ones in the house who are starting to practice this water sport. Do not forget that it only allows a load of 85 kilos.

It is 3 meters long, but it is quite narrow (71 cm) and thin (10 cm), which takes away some stability and requires more balance.

This paddle surf board weighs just 10 kilos and the maximum load it allows is 85 kilos, so for an adult it can fall short. Also, being so light it will cost more to handle it in career mode.

Otherwise it comes with the basic equipment: transport bag, aluminum paddle with adjustable height, ankle strap, one removable and two fixed fins, manual pump and everything you need to repair a puncture.