The best tent for 4 people

Tents for 4 people – Opinions and Reviews in 2020

For those who are used to going out often in nature with their family and want to have freedom of movement, a tent for 4 people is a good purchase, being a cheap and pleasant way to spend the holidays. If you go with the tent only in the warm season, in the mountains or at sea, then you can go to the first model on our list, namely Coleman Darwin 4+ . It is waterproof, easy to transport, well compartmentalized, with ventilation holes and fiberglass rod structure. Another option can be Trespass Caterthun , which has a height of 180cm at the entrance.


Opinions about the best tents for 4 people

To help you in your search activity, we offer below a list of some models divided into different categories. In order to document yourself on a certain product, you can also read opinions about the best 4-person tents of other customers, you can see several aspects and with the help of the shopping guide you will choose the optimal option for you.


Camping tent for 4 people

Coleman Darwin 4+

If you like to go camping during the summer, you can go to this family tent (for 4 people) useful both in the mountains and at sea.

It has a single entrance and is of the dome type, with a rounded roof, offering a generous space inside (280 x 340 cm), well compartmentalized. Luggage can be stored in the hall so as not to crowd the space intended for rest.

Waterproof and stable, with the structure focused on two fiberglass sticks, polyester outer foil, with polyethylene floor, will ensure a dry and pleasant environment inside. It is mounted in just 10 minutes and includes in the purchase package a cover for transport and storage. It weighs 6.2 kg and has a height of 135 cm in the hall and 130 cm in the sleeping area.


Penguin Storm 4 Dural

It is a camping tent for 4 people, tunnel type, very well compartmentalized, to have enough space for both sleeping and luggage.

It has two central entrances, from which you enter the sleeping area or the hall. For personal belongings you also have two large sewn pockets. The mesh located above allows the luggage to be placed without taking up space on the floor.

It is very stable, having besides sticks and reinforced anchor points, as well as 17 fastening nails. The 3 ventilation holes ensure a comfortable air inside. The floor is made of nylon foil with polyurethane coating, waterproof, the inner foil is made of polyester with polyurethane coating, and the interior is made of nylon, with good air permeability properties. It weighs 5.3 kg and is for 3 seasons.


Hannah Tribe 4

Very comfortable for several days of camping, this tent model, with a usable area exceeding 6 square meters, will ensure a comfortable and well-compartmented space.

The structure is based on 4 fiberglass rods, two of which are crossed at the back for better wind stability. It is waterproof, with two layers of polyester and polyethylene floor. The position of the front poles can be changed for more space by extending the veranda.

It has two entrances, entrance hall and sleeping space. For good ventilation, it has 4 dedicated holes that can be adjusted from the inside. The two large pockets are useful for better luggage management. The weight is 9.5 kg, the tent having a height of 170 cm.

Coleman Kobuk Valley 4

This model of camping tent for 4 people is recommended for 3 seasons, being useful in spring, summer and autumn, for a restful sleep, regardless of the camping place.

Wanting to offer you protection, safety and comfort, the manufacturer uses high-performance materials and technologies: polyester outer foil is waterproof and fireproof, the seams are glued to prevent water from entering, PE floor, integrated, which ensures a dry environment inside.

The support structure is provided by fiberglass poles, the tent being stable in the wind. It is easy to mount and you can transport it with the cover provided. The package has a length of 58 cm, a diameter of about 20 cm, and weighs 6.6 kg.


Tent 4 people high

Trespass Caterthun

If you like to go out often with your family and sleep in unique places, you can rely on this model of tent for 4 people, at a good price. It is blue and very well structured to have optimal conditions for rest.

It is easy to mount, with the help of the 3 fiberglass sticks, flexible but resistant, and is anchored to the ground. The entrance is in the front of the tent, generous, to have access as easy as possible.

The tent is double-layered, with an outer polyester foil, and a less dense polyester material inside that ensures good ventilation. The seams are also reinforced and waterproof to prevent water from seeping inside. It weighs 8.8 kg and has a usable area of ​​240 x 455 cm, and a height starting from 180 cm, slightly lowering to 160 cm.


Easy Camp Corona 400

A tent for 4 people, at a good price, can be of interest to you, if you like to go hiking and excursions with your family. It is suitable for 3 seasons, from spring to autumn.

It has a dome shape, with a rounded roof, on a structure made of 3 fiberglass rods, durable and flexible, which ensures good stability. It will protect you even in bad weather, with a polyester outer film, windproof, and a polyethylene floor. The seams are also waterproof.

It is a very well structured tent, with two entrances, a luggage hall and space for sleeping. In order to be able to store and transport it in the best possible conditions, it also has a special cover. It weighs 6.2 kg, and packaged has small dimensions of 65 x 23 cm.


Coleman Tasman 4 

A tall 4 person tent provides you with more comfort when camping, and this model can be a good option for outdoor outings in the warm season.

Made of quality materials, with a structure made of 3 fiberglass rods that ensure good stability, even on stronger winds, with durable outer foil made of laminated polyester, waterproof and fireproof. The floor is made of polyethylene for comfort and good insulation.

The tent has two side doors that ensure both good ventilation and a light circuit inside. It also has ventilation holes when you close the entrances. It is easy to assemble, needing 10 minutes to raise the tent, it has an entrance for storing luggage and a generous space inside (440 x 140 cm). It has a cover for transport and storage and weighs 7.1 kg.


Ikamper Skycamp

This ort 4 people, tall is specially designed for those who go on trips by car, attach the ceiling thereof, it is compatible with almost any type of car which has a minimum distance between the crossbars 76 cm and bear a load minimum of 72 kg.

It is placed in a rigid cover, and you need 60 seconds to set up the tent. It is equipped with a ladder for access and is suitable for any season. The outer material is polyurethane, it has two vents and an entrance.

Among the functions of interest we list: the material is waterproof, as well as the seams; has a net against insects; wind resistant; the roof can be detached and is equipped with 2 side windows; it is fireproof; the ladder is telescopic etc. The tent is black, with a glossy finish and has a sleeping area of ​​218 x 110 cm.


Tent 4 people igloo

Hannah Hover 4

For those who want a tent for 4 people, cheap and good, to go with the family on hiking or vacations, this may be a good choice.

It can be used for 3 seasons, from spring to autumn. In addition to the space for sleeping, you also have a small hallway, immediately after the entrance, which is located in front, where you can comfortably place your luggage, with an area of ​​6 square meters.

Tent sticks, numbering 3, are made of fiberglass, flexible and durable, and to ensure good stability of the tent, two of them intersect. On the outside it has 2 polyester foils, and on the floor a PE foil, which ensures good insulation, being also waterproof. The tent is provided with two vents for better ventilation inside. Packed does not take up much space (18 x 45 cm) and weighs 4.4 kg.


Penguin Bora 3

If you want a 4-person tent, igloo, you can go on this model very easy to transport, with a weight of 3.6 kg and small package size (48 x 19 cm), which you can rely on all year round.

It is a special tent dedicated to the mountains, with polyester outer face and nylon floor resistant to water and UV rays, and polyamide interior to be as permeable to air. It is fixed with 3 sticks, durable (diameter 8.5 mm), and has reinforced fastening points to be as durable as possible over time.

As a compartment, it has a single entrance through the front, a small hall where you can leave your luggage and the actual sleeping area, which has a size of 4.5 sqm. The height is 115 cm and the tent is green.


Buying guide 

If you are a person who loves adventure and you want to go with your family on unique hikes and trips, you will need a tent recommendation for 4 people. Below we present some selection criteria to take into account when you go shopping.

Seasonality : first of all, you have to establish the periods when you want to use the tent, having several options:

Tents for 2 seasons: they generally go for the warm period of the year, offering protection against wind and rain, but are not recommended for the mountains. You can easily find tents for 4 people, at good prices, in this range.

Tents for 3 seasons: they are among the most popular, they can be used in spring, summer and autumn, both in the mountains and at sea. They do not withstand very strong winds, but they are lighter and also suitable for hiking.

Tents for 4 seasons: are specially designed to withstand strong winds and heavy snow, with several support rods and reinforced mounting holes. The materials used for these models are denser, heavier and most have a round, igloo look.

Shape : regarding the shape of the tent, here are some variants, the most common being:

Dome type (igloo) : they have a more rounded roof, resisting very well and strong winds. Compact and easy to mount, they are preferred by those who go hiking a lot.

Tunnel type: these are a mix between large and minimalist tents, being able to offer large space inside, very well compartmentalized, but easy to install, like a small model.

House type: there are large tents that are suitable especially for longer camping periods in the same place, much heavier, being more comfortable to transport by car, but which offers you all the comfort of home, high, with large spaces, hall , veranda etc.

Materials : this criterion refers to two aspects, namely the structure and material.

The structure is provided by tent poles, which are most usually made of: aluminum alloy – light and resistant to heat and cold, but more expensive and less flexible; fiberglass : flexible and at a better price, but heavier. Of interest is their diameter, the thicker they are the more stable.

To be waterproof, polyester, nylon or polyethylene textiles are most often used on the outer material of the tent. They also withstand breaking and tearing. The higher the density of the material, the more durable it will be. They can also be treated to be fire resistant, fireproof and not to take off under the action of UV rays.

Also pay attention to the seams, because the water will be able to penetrate through these areas as well, the waterproof, double ones, sealed by gluing being more indicated.

Weight : This aspect is of interest, especially for those who often hike and go a lot with the equipment in the back, where every extra kilogram counts. Thus, there are light tents of 4-5 kg ​​that you can easily transport, having small dimensions when packed (40 – 50 cm long, with a diameter of 15 – 20 cm) and cover.

The average ones weigh around 7-9 kg, and you will be able to transport them over shorter distances, when you camp for several nights in the same place, and heavy ones over 10 kg, which it is advisable to transport in the trunk of the car.


Other features of interest : There are other facilities that make a difference, namely:

Number of inputs: the more, the easier it will be to manage the inputs and outputs and the more comfortable it will be to ventilate.

Ventilation holes: these can be two, three or more, providing breathable air inside, and eliminating the risk of condensation during the night.

Mosquito nets: especially useful if you go in the hot season, both for entrances – exits and for ventilation holes.

Sewing pockets: these will help you have at hand certain things and personal items that you use more often.

Suspended luggage net: useful to have as much space as possible inside, being able to put the suspended luggage.

Flashlight hook: it is usually positioned in the center and you can have light inside.

Color: although it seems an aspect that only depends on preferences, color has another role, namely to ensure a warm and pleasant light inside. Thus, light shades are preferred, such as orange, which will ensure a warm interior even if it is necessary to stay inside because the weather is rainy.

Questions asked frequently:

How profitable is a used 4 person tent?

You can find in the online environment a wide variety of tents for 4 people, cheap and good, used. If you need a more special model that you can find again at a higher price, over 1000 lei, then you can go for a second hand version, otherwise you can find new tents for 600-700 lei.

Do I really need a 4 person tent?

If you are 3-4 members of the family, even with two younger children, a tent for 4 people will definitely provide the necessary space to rest in good conditions. They are also useful for people who are more full-bodied or have claustrophobic tendencies, ensuring a more comfortable space inside.

How often will I use the 4-person tent?

You have definitely opted for the best tent for 4 people, which meets all your requirements, so you will use it whenever you go on 2-day hikes, holidays, etc. Some models do not weigh much, so they can be taken on the mountain, when going with a backpack, others are intended for transport by car.

Can I go anywhere in the campsite with the tent?

With the tent you can go both to the mountains and to the sea, but also to other beautiful areas in the country or abroad, there are many places that offer you comfort for camping (bathrooms, dining places, safety, etc.) at much higher prices. convenient than a cottage, a pension, a hotel, etc.

You can stop in other areas as well, there are some rules for placing the tent, near a water, in a straight place, etc. which it is good to respect.

How to organize the tent space for more space?

Tent trips are very beautiful and attractive, with a lot of mobility, you can stop in the areas that attract you the most, and for a few days it becomes your home, so you have to be organized.

The space, even if you have one of the best tents for 4 people, large and well compartmentalized, is still limited by the conditions at home, so you need a good organization to easily find what you need and for an extra comfort.

The mountain tents, which you carry with you on your trips, are usually smaller, lower in size, suitable for sleeping, the manufacturer looking to be as light and compact as possible when transporting them.

If it has a small hallway before the sleeping area, it is good to pull your luggage in this area, leaving in the central space only the sleeping bags, mattresses and what else you need for the night. If the sleeping area is not square, and, placing the bags next to each other, you still have a space in the back, you can also put there the things you don’t need immediately.

Leave room in the hall so you can go out easily in case you have to go to the bathroom. Luggage must be very well divided into categories, kitchen utensils, food, water, hygiene, clothes, first aid kit, etc. to be able to find them easily.