Top 6 applications with a compass worth trying

The compass is now available in the form of many variants of applications worth trying, especially if you are passionate about outdoor travel.

In case you like walking on mountain roads, hiking, or going out in a tent, you need certain things that you should not miss from your luggage, including the compass. If you are not a climber and take relaxing walks with easy routes, to not load your luggage, where every gram will count, you can choose to download an application on your mobile phone that has the function of a compass. Thus, you have provided the orientation function, and you do not load your extra luggage. Even if you can find the compass online, there are several applications, and we present some options that you can try:

Compass 360 Pro Free

It is an Android application and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, which occupies a leading place, with over 10 million installations, 4.5 stars out of 5, and numerous comments. You can download it for free, being easy to install. To work, you need the phone to have a magnetic sensor. The graphics are straightforward and elegant, with a compass drawn on the whole screen that allows you to easily view the cardinal points and the direction you are following.

For more information – such as longitude, latitude, altitude – you can opt into the Setting section for GPS activation. You also have a level that can help you in certain situations. The application provides you with several themes to find a variant of graphics that you like. It is one of the most popular compasses for Android.

Altimeter GPS Pro

It is a professional application that can be more difficult for beginners, being very complex. You can download it for free. It is suitable for both Android and IOS, exceeding the limits of a simple compass. It offers you multiple information that will be useful during your hikes, such as geographical coordinates, cardinal points, distance, direction, time traveled, speed, location, temperature, etc. These data can be sent directly by e-mail if you need them.

Besides, the maps that this application comes with are beneficial. You have several variants, and you can choose between standard topo maps, maps made by aerial or hybrid photography.

Compass Steel 3D

In case you have an Android mobile phone with a magnetic sensor, you can download it with 3D graphics. You can find it on the Google Play Store, and it’s free. It is easy to install, and you do not need specialized assistance. The interface is beautiful, three-dimensional, and will provide you with useful information to know the position and direction to follow.

After installation, the application will ask you to calibrate the sensors to have the most accurate data. Thus, you can see the cardinal points and information about the sun, moon, location, geographical coordinates, and data about the intensity of the magnetic field. If you do not like the interface given initially, you can change it with several colorful themes to suit your taste.

Smart Compass

Although easy to use and install, it is a dedicated iPhone application that has many improvements to provide you with information and help throughout your travels. It can be used just like a mechanical compass to see the cardinal points and the phone’s camera to see the location of a particular objective that you want to visit.

The application also provides you with Google maps so that you can navigate more efficiently during the trip. It is an excellent means of orientation, providing very accurate data, both in compass mode and in other ways such as the telescope, night mode, or digital compass. Thus, you always have useful information about the cardinal points, location, geographical coordinates, speed, and the camera captures.

The primary application is free, but with a small amount, you can get other benefits, turning your mobile phone into a metal detector and the ability to transmit the accumulated information.


Similar to what a classic magnetic compass can do, this is a simple and precise application, created especially for the Android phone equipped with a magnetic sensor. It has a good rating as a product, having 4.3 stars out of 5 out of over 300 thousand ratings. After downloading the free application from the Google Play Store, it will ask you to calibrate the sensors to provide you with the most accurate information about the cardinal points and the magnetic field’s intensity.

By activating the GPS, you can see what your position is. It has a friendly interface, with a large compass displayed on the screen, and you have several themes at your disposal. To obtain the most accurate data, use the application as a mechanical compass, placing the device on the ground as flat as possible, with the screen positioned at the top. The displayed coordinates can be shared or sent to other applications.

3D Compass Plus

It is an educational compass that helps beginners in a fun way to learn to navigate different routes, not just find their way north. It is an application that can be used with both Android and IOS operating systems and can be downloaded for free, being among the most special offers for open online applications.

It shows you in real-time, using the phone’s camera, a 3D compass, geographical coordinates, address, route to follow, speed. Directed to a particular goal, you can get a video with the path that you can send to your friends to follow you.

It is a fun way to learn to use a compass to orient yourself during hiking, thus having an educational role. Children can also use it as their first compass to move on to more advanced applications.

Technology is advancing day by day, and there are more and more useful applications, free or for a fee, that you can download on your mobile phone, and the compass is no exception. Before choosing one product or another, think that a compass application can offer you other fun functions.