Useful Travel Gadgets – Are You Ready to Travel?

We look forward to our vacations throughout the year, and we go from time to time on weekends. A backpack quickly fills up with essentials and helpful travel gadgets.

Based on my personal experience and the latest trends, I have put together the following list. My suggestions will save you space, time, money and make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts.

Useful travel gadgets

travel gadget

1. Sony DSC-WX350 digital camera

Do not get angry with the photos on your cell phone anymore. Buy an expert camera that will allow you to take unforgettable travel photos. You can then post these beautiful photos of your trip on Instagram.

Sony’s Cybershot digital camera uses sensors and the Zeis autofocus lens to produce brilliant photos that come very close to professional quality. Capture your travel experiences in crystal-clear images and videos without having to take expensive gear with you.

2. GoPro HERO6 Action Camera

Do you put on record-breaking performances, but no one notices? This will no longer be the case with the GoPro Heros6 action camera on your helmet: let your spectators participate in your mountain climb or canoe trip as if they were with you.

With a waterproof touchscreen and voice control, you can use the camera at full speed. Then, the associated application transfers the 4K videos f to the cloud (after recording) or your smartphone.

The software processes the footage so that you can share them directly without any effort!

3. Bose wireless noise-canceling QuietComfort 35 II

Enjoy music like in a concert hall without your neighbors unintentionally sharing it and eliminating annoying background noise, thanks to these premium wireless headphones from Bose. This is a luxury headset.

Control the headset with your cell phone assistant with voice commands or use Bluetooth and NFC pairing. With the next software update, Alexa will be fully compatible and fulfill all your wishes. It couldn’t be more comfortable.

4.Apple iPad Mini 4 64GB WiFi

ipad mini

Tablets are getting thinner and lighter, making them an excellent alternative to bulky laptops. The Apple iPad Mini is perfect for planning your daily itinerary, not to mention helpful travel apps that add value to your vacation.

The internet connection makes it possible to use the tablet via WiFi to pass the train’s time or use public hotspots. Cool travel gadgets like the handy Apple iPad are almost a must-have. Its memory is large enough that you can watch movies in rainy weather.

5. Sichler travel steam iron

Does your boss often send you on business trips and you need to represent your company? In such a mission, the dres’s code plays a critical role.

Show up to your date in a perfectly ironed outfit.

The Sichler Travel Steam Iron can be used with an adapter over 110 V or 230 V worldwide. Cotton, linen, synthetics, wool, or silk can be smoothed with or without steam at three temperature levels.

6. Snapchat Spectacles Sunglasses

Are you a fan of exciting action videos but don’t want to run around with a GoPro on your head? You can achieve this goal more discreetly with the Snapchat Spectacles glasses.

In the style of the “discreet camera,” it will be fun: record up to 30 seconds of video with two mini cameras at your eye level – even in the water! Sync beautiful moments with your mobile phone and laugh with your friends on Snapchat or Messenger about these scenes recorded in secret. Find out more.

7. DJI – Spark Fly – Mini Drone

Nowadays, everyone can see a landscape from a bird’s point of view. Start the mini-drone from the palm of your hand and steer the flight path with simple gestures.

The fears that the drone will take the plunge are unfounded: After a maximum of 15 minutes, it returns to its user with 64 GB of photos and videos.

8. Garmin Fēnix 5 Gray – GPS Watch

Overwork is just as unhealthy as not exercising at all. The Garmin Smartwatch supports you precisely according to your activity profile to achieve the optimal load based on your measured heart rate.

And you can also save yourself the excitement of taking the wrong turn on the hiking trail: The wrist-based navigation system guides you safely to your destination, even on detours.

9.JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Playing guitar on the beach is no longer really in fashion. Enjoy full outdoor stereo sound for up to 20 hours, with IPX7 housing waterproof.

In everyday life, the loudspeaker also serves as a hands-free kit.

Whether you want to create surround sound with multiple compatible speakers or stream a movie, the wireless Bluetooth speakers create an atmosphere wherever you go. To learn more, click here.

10. External Battery – Anker QC 3.0 PowerCore + 26800 mAh

The most important thing for every trip is to have enough battery: the flashlight, the smartphone, the camera are used daily. Thanks to Anker Quick Charge technology, connected terminals’ charging process progresses 85% faster than a conventional battery pack.

The Anker Power Core also convinces with its exceptional capacity: with 26,800 mAh, for example, you charge a Galaxy S7 more than seven times or an iPhone 7 ten times. Even on long trips, you will never be surprised by empty batteries again.

11. Universal travel adapter with dual USB port

Globetrotters know the problem: the home plug is not suitable. If you buy an adapter for your holiday in France, of course, it will not be ideal in Great Britain. You will also need other adapters for your stay in the US.

Vanguard offers a compact travel adapter that connects French devices to the power grid in more than 150 countries. Charge your mobile phone and other EDCs on 2 USB ports!

12. Anker Power USB Charger 5 Ports Sector 40W

You will never have enough USB ports. With the Anker Power charger, you can connect and charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can keep your travel gadgets: smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, speaker, and e-book reader, always set at the airport and the hotel. Find out more.

13. UGREEN Splitter Audio Jack

If you’re in the mood to watch an action movie with your partner, there is always some background noise associated with it. The walls have ears, or when the balcony door is open, all the neighbors will share your movie.

Don’t worry, and plug in two pairs of headphones via the Y-jack. Or at your next party: Create your sound system by connecting multiple speakers to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Sound quality isn’t halved: 100% copper conductors and gold-plated contacts produce the best stereo sound with almost no quality loss. Robust and very durable, the wired extension doubles the fun.

14. Zippo storm lighter


Fire is an essential element when going on a trip. Indeed whether you are in a campsite to light your barbecue or in the forest to make a fire to warm you up, a lighter is necessary.

Also, read The best storm lighters.

You may also need a Zippo lighter to burn a wire sticking out of your jacket or light a cigarette.

15. Oasser Alcohol Tester

It’s hard not to drink a beer during a friendly meeting. When it is your turn to drive the car on the way back, be careful and blow into the Oasser tester before moving.

Even if you don’t drink alcohol before driving, one mistake can cost you dearly: Think of the many delicacies that often contain a high percentage of alcohol.

16. NOUDOO White Noise Machine

The sounds of nature in the background, such as waves, rain, or birds in the forest, promote concentration on the computer. The small device also helps you relax when you have to sleep in weird beds while traveling.

In addition to 20 sounds, the Noudoo plays what is called “white noise.” This is a particular frequency with a calming effect, which has also been proven as a sleep aid for young children when parents want a quiet evening.

17. SureFeed pet food dispenser

The SureFeed vending machine feeds your animals when you are not at home for a short time or when rationing meals becomes necessary due to the excess weight.

If you have multiple pets, whether it’s a dog or a cat, this can make you want food. An animal believes that it is always necessary to empty the bowl when you and your comrades are not around.

It’s now over!

The bowl opens according to a cat flap principle only with animals whose chip is connected to the bowl.

At the same time, the cover keeps flies away that contaminate wet food. You can rest assured that in your absence, all your pets will receive their fair share.

18. Apeman 720P IP Camera, Surveillance Camera


Trust is good, and control is better when it comes to your home. With the app, you see your whole house via laptop or smartphone in a controllable wide-angle view, make sure all is well in your vacation home 3000 km away when you are away.

Even in the dark, the Apeman 720P surveillance camera provides clear evidence in the event of a break-in. Even if your property is protected from the outside, the small Apeman 720P security camera will help you find out why your great whiskey continuously evaporates so quickly.

19. Vintage S-ZONE leather backpack

Whether you are on a sightseeing excursion, on the beach, or in the mountains, a backpack is essential to carry your usual holiday gear. For everyday use, choose a bag with a simple exterior but a functional interior.

This way, you can organize your things without drawing attention to valuables like laptops and cameras.

This vintage-style bag is made of waterproof canvas with a genuine leather cover and closures. If you are looking for an exceptionally durable and stylish gift, the S-Zone travel bag is the perfect choice for you.

20. Spiderman scooter with the suitcase

Going on vacation with young children requires strong nerves after a while. Some parents find it more difficult to drag their children’s suitcases.

Your child is responsible for his large Spiderman suitcase, and it is straightforward to transport. Now your child will travel long distances at the airport at the speed of a Ferrari, which will allow you to reach your accommodation in record time.

21. Thermopad – 10 Pairs of Heated Insoles

If your feet are already frozen in the ski lift queue, the descent isn’t much fun either. Fortunately, there are Thermopad heated insoles that give off 37 degrees of comforting heat just by touching your skin without electricity.

Enjoy mountain hikes or city tours with hot feet for up to eight hours. If in contact with oxygen, they heat up immediately.

22. Tommy Hilfiger wallet

It is a pervasive lousy habit to put cash in your pants and jacket pockets. The risk of loss increases and thieves have their job more accessible in the commotion. When you pay, it is not good to look for coins in your clothes.

This hand-sewn soft leather wallet is only 11.5cm high and has six different compartments.

23. Set of 4 silicone travel bottles with a toiletry bag

Body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner are usually only used in large bottles, like shower gel. It can put a lot of weight on a backpack on your shoulders.

Are your brands not available in travel size? Just fill the sealed silicone bottles; they contain the amount of liquid allowed in your hand luggage when traveling by plane. Take your usual products with you on weekends outdoors and feel as fresh as nature.

24. NAKOSITE 3D Pocket pedometer


It is always interesting to know the number of steps you take each day on vacation! This allows you to know if today you have spent enough. It’s a very cool gadget to give away.

This pedometer has a 30-day memory function, which allows you to see if you are improving every day. You will be proud after your trip to indicate your number of steps. Find out more.

25. Moonster, Men’s Toiletry Bag

A stay at a hotel, at your holiday home, or the spa requires a high-quality toiletry bag. Washcloths, shaving supplies, and your personal effects are carried in this high-quality Moonster case.

If you are looking for a gift for a man, a father, or a stepfather, the Moonster toiletry bag is a good idea.

26. Compression stockings for women and men

Simple high socks can slip off with every step. They do not fulfill their function of supporting the veins.

To top it off, the pressure points of the twisted seams form blisters on the little toe.

Sometimes we see professional footballers with black compression stockings, cross-country skiers, hikers, and cyclists wearing them. The fabric keeps the muscles warm.

In all sports that need legs, stockings reduce fatigue and swelling, but you will notice that the feet adjust even on long airplane flights. At least two pairs of these functional, breathable underwear fit into each backpack or suitcase when you’re sitting or running a lot.

27. SWISSONA Set of 5 Suitcase organizers

Four boxes and three bags for storing clothes, shoes, and other utensils. A note in the mesh pockets indicates the contents:

This will allow you not to turn your suitcase over when looking for a particular item.

28. Women’s Rain Jacket Waterproof Coat

When you go on a trip to a rainy country, it pays to be well equipped! A yellow waterproof coat will protect you from this lousy weather.

Hike in the mountains without worrying, drink your usual coffee.

29. Eagle Creek chest pouch

Travel documents, credit card, ID card, and keys: You should always carry these items with you when traveling, as they should be protected against theft and loss.

Eagle Creek’s chest pocket keeps the essential things in five compartments, and it disappears discreetly under the shirt or can be worn on a belt.

30. Banana Bag Flat Wallet + RFID blocker

Bananas offer more space than small chest pockets, but a lot of the product already doesn’t support a cell phone’s weight. Choose good quality, like this Wilford & Sons banana.

Two interchangeable elastic straps and the breathable mesh back offer excellent wearing comfort. The nylon used is exceptionally light and durable; integrated RFID blockers protect your credit cards from unnoticed data reading.

31. Scrubba Wash Bag, portable washing machine for camping and travel


Bring less laundry with you to make room in your backpack. The Scrubba wash bag is twice as complete as the plastic bowl (which will later be used for cooking food) when hand washing on the go, thanks to its built-in washboard.

Clothes dry faster and don’t smell of mold, as you can squeeze out the water almost entirely with the wash bag. Enjoy the convenience of fresh laundry on the go without wrinkled fingers.

32. Unigear Portable Female Urinal

Strong coffee and cold feet are reasons some women tighten their bladder at an inappropriate time.

When you stop at the next gas station and find a dirty toilet, you envy the men who have relieved themselves behind a tree.

The flexible silicone female urinal exactly reproduces these biological characteristics. Go on the next mountain hike without worrying; drink your usual coffee. Gadgets for women bring true equality when it is needed.

33. WolfWise Sandless Picnic Blanket

After leaving the beach, the bag and the trunk were filled with sand stuck to the towel. The dried sand was then spread around the apartment, so it was still the same problem during the beach vacation until today!

Not a single grain of sand adheres to the WolfWise beach blanket, as it is made from fine water-repellent nylon. Its small packaging size of 37 x 26 x 20 cm unfolds into a double sleeping surface.

34. North.Arrow 10 in 1 Survival Tool

Give useful gadgets to men who want to survive in nature. This versatile survival kit slips into every clothing pocket and can be used anytime.

Did a screw on the wheel come loose, or do you need a can opener? With this kit, minor emergencies like these can be solved in no time. Finally, the integrated direction indicator (the compass) will help you find your tent in the forest.

35. Lifestraw Go, water bottle with filter


Don’t trust your hotel water, but don’t want to produce plastic waste with plastic bottles? Because the shops in the resort charge exorbitant prices for the bottled drinking water you need on your hikes? Avoid all the inconveniences with the Lifestraw Go2-Stage water bottle.

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The interchangeable filters ensure 1000 liters of safe drinking water that contains virtually no bacteria,

Giardia eggs or other microorganisms. Enjoy spring water and stay healthy!

36. BCOZZY Travel Pillow with Chin Support

The hours of train and plane travel tire travelers of all ages. During sleep, the heat sinks to the side or forward, which causes tension in the neck muscles.

It is unpleasant for the person concerned, but imagine the trip, where you have to wait next to your snoring companion. If you can’t stand the allure of other passengers, give this BCOZZZY pillow as a travel gadget.

37. Fit-Flip Microfiber Towels

Light as a feather, quick-drying and absorbent, Fit-Flip microfiber towels travel with you. The small size of the package is their great advantage in any outdoor activity. Wipe off your sweat with the towel during intensive walks without leaving colored lint on your face.

The large towel is ideal for the beach. The towel bar, which can be opened with a push button, is very nifty: you can hang the towel on any ramp or on a branch to dry it.

38. Disinfectants – hydroalcoholic gel


If you travel daily by public transport or an outbreak of the flu is on the way, a few splashes of disinfectant will kill viruses and bacteria from your hands.

Even on vacation, you can’t avoid contact with contaminated surfaces, but a hydroalcoholic gel keeps the risk of infection low. The small bottle in your purse and backpack gives you a feeling of security when traveling.

Conclusion Travel gadgets

With the right travel gadgets, every trip is super fun, and it eases the inevitable routines like planning day trips and managing energy. Hope you found the ultimate device to offer in my selection!