What is the best 3 person tent?

The statistics speak for themselves: camping holidays are more popular than ever among the French. This is evidenced by the growing number of overnight stays in campsites, which has been increasing steadily for years and will soon exceed the 30 million mark per year. The most important factor when it comes to camping is accommodation. Modern campers have high demands. The tent should not only be waterproof and windproof, but also provide enough space and comfort for 3 people, for example. In the categories of tents for one and two people, the choice is wide, while the range is a little more limited in the case of a so-called “three person” tent. If you want to know more about the three person tent, you can find detailed information about it below.

Comparison of 3 person tents

1. Coleman – 3 person camping tent

This tent from the famous American manufacturer is a so-called “dome” tent. Its most notable feature is the exterior of the tent made up of a PU coating which is flame retardant.

With a water column of 3000 mm, this 3 person tent is waterproof even in heavy rain. It comes with a carrying bag as well as ropes and sardines. There is also a smaller version of the tent, designed for a maximum of 2 people and a larger version for 4 people.

The biggest advantage of the tent is of course that it can be put up quickly.

The tent is not self-supporting, you must use the ropes and sardines provided to anchor it. So you don’t have to worry about the tent blowing up even in gusty winds.

The material is of good quality and can withstand heavy use. The seams are very neat, do not fray or let in water.

The Coleman 3 Person Tent has a height of only 120cm. It is therefore difficult to move around there. In reality, it is only suitable for sleeping and not for staying during the day.

Although it is very light with a weight of 4.9 kg, the 50 cm carry bag is still large due to the size of the tent but it is still reasonable.

Dismantling can be tricky if you’re new to tents. It takes some skill to put everything back in the carry bag.

The Coleman 3 Person Tent is ideal for anyone who wants a small tent that’s easy to transport. If, for example, the children want to spend the night in the garden in the summer, such is very convenient.

When the kids grow up, they can use the tent to go to a music festival or other big events.


2. Naturehike – Ultra light 3 person tent

The tent belongs to the dome tent type and is designed for 3 people. It is available in white and red color.

The material of the tent is made of durable polyester fabric. The equipment includes a flysheet, weather protection with a water column and permanent ventilation for a pleasant sleeping climate.

When packed, the lightweight tent takes up very little space. This means that it can also be transported comfortably and securely in the saddlebag of a motorcycle or bicycle. Indeed, it measures only 45 x φ15 cm.

Even untrained people can set up the 3 person tent within minutes without instruction, because the poles are simply inserted into each other. The canvas is attached to the supports by hooks.

The top half of the entrance is made of a mesh fabric. This means that fresh air always enters the tent, but mosquitoes and other annoying insects stay outside.

The seams of the outer tent are strong and waterproof. Customers say they’ve stayed warm and dry indoors, even after days of rain and thunderstorms. If stains persist after use, they can be removed relatively easily.

The biggest downside to the tent is the relatively small space it offers. If you are 3 adults inside with your luggage at the bottom of the tent, you will be quite stuck but it will keep you warm when hiking.

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Another drawback is that the inner tent only offers one continuous sleeping space, there is no bedroom but this is very rare for a 3 person tent.

The Naturehike 3 person tent convinced me with its good price-performance ratio. It is not very expensive, but it is much superior to the tents for three people that can be found in specialized stores.

Even in the event of continuous rain and thunderstorm, it offers you a dry and comfortable accommodation. You can also put yourself in a compact sleeping bag for even more comfort!


3. Iregro – 3-4 Person Automatic Pop-Up Tent

We can consider this tent as a family tent because it can accommodate 3-4 people, although it is not a group tent .

The special thing about the tent is that it has a really practical sun shelter! You will be able to orient your tent towards the sun without any problem thanks to this sun shade.

The tent has an entrance and 3 transparent windows with mosquito net. There is enough room inside to sleep.

The tent has a quick assembly because it is the same operation as the 2 second decathlon tent. You just have to launch and make a few adjustments afterwards. It offers something that is truly a luxury when camping: sufficient space. The dome tent is really designed for 3 people.

Through the three windows and the entrance there is always enough fresh air inside the tent, so that even in hot weather the heat does not accumulate.

All entrances and windows are covered with a net that prevents insects from entering.

The floor is sewn to the tarps of the inner tent so that water cannot get in. With a standing height of 1.30 meters, it is one of the largest tents we have in this 3 person tent comparison.

Folding can be tricky the first time around, but once you understand the principle it’s child’s play.

This dome shaped tent is the ideal product for anyone who likes to go camping often. It offers a lot of space and it is very easy to install.

At first the disassembly may seem a bit complicated, but once you have successfully completed it once or twice, you won’t need the disassembly instructions again.

The tent not only convinces with its height, the windows and ventilation openings let in plenty of light and fresh air inside so that it is not stuffy even in hot weather.


4. Coleman – Coastline 3 Plus 3 Person Tent

This tent belongs to the category of tunnel tents. The material of the outer and inner tent is polyester, which is lightweight but very tear-resistant and breathable. The floor is made of 120g / m² polyethylene.

The 3 person tent has 1 entrance for the bedrooms and 2 side entrances for the living area.

The equipment includes a canopy in which bulky items such as a cooler or camping furniture can be stored.

The fiberglass tent structure, stakes and a packing bag are included in the delivery for easy transport of the tent.

The 3-person tent remains waterproof and dry inside even in heavy rain. Unlike other tents of this size, it is not very sensitive to gusts of wind.

The entrances to the sleeping cabin are fitted with mosquito nets so that you can sleep in peace without being disturbed by insects.

Setting up the tent is easy and even untrained people can set it up in minutes. It offers enough space for 3 adults, even over a fairly long period.

The included poles can sometimes bend but you can tape them up or replace them later with high quality poles.

Most buyers are very happy with the Coleman Tunnel Tent, a 3 person tent.

It offers enough space for a family of three, can be mounted easily and quickly, and remains warm and dry even in storms and continuous rain.

Tents of a similar design easily cost three to four times as much as those from this well-known manufacturer. Because this three person tent combines comfort, quality and reasonable price, it is an excellent choice.


What are the different types of large three-person tents?

Among today’s camping and outdoor enthusiasts, 3 types of tents are essential:

  1. the tunnel tent
  2. the dome tent, also called an igloo tent due to its shape
  3. the launch tent (tent 2 seconds)

In contrast, the tipi tent, the classic triangular shape of the tent, is hardly ever used as it offers little space, many ropes and tension stakes are needed for stability and a tent pole is always in the path to the entrance.

1. Tunnel tent

This type of tent gets its name from the fact that the tent poles are mounted in several arcs parallel to each other, thus providing support for the tent.

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Tunnel tents are particularly popular with families because they offer a lot of space. Due to their arched construction, adults can usually also stand inside these tents.

The walls of the tunnel tent are very steep. This allows the interior space to be used optimally.

Due to the construction, a large awning can be added to provide additional storage space. You never have enough space when camping.

What are the disadvantages of the tunnel tent?
The assembly of tunnel tents is longer because the poles are quite complicated. With a little practice, however, they can be assembled relatively quickly. There are few 3-person tunnel tent.

The steep and high walls provide plenty of space inside, but are also a drawback. The wind finds a large surface there to attack, similar to a sail. If it hits the wide side, the tent tunnel can quickly become unstable and be torn from its anchor. When erecting the tunnel tent, therefore, it is best to set it up lengthwise relative to the direction of the wind.

2. Dome shaped tent

Due to its shape, this type of tent is sometimes referred to as an igloo tent.

The poles converge in a star shape and meet at the top. This gives the dome tent a particularly high degree of stability.

If required, a dome-shaped tent can also be pitched as a free-standing tent without sardines or stakes. However, for safety reasons, a dome-shaped tent should always be securely anchored. It can be erected relatively easily and quickly. This is the most common tent found in a 3 person tent.

What are the disadvantages of the dome tent?
While the shape of the igloo tent provides stability, it is also a downside as it limits the space inside. Even though a dome shaped tent is designed for 3 people, it usually can only accommodate 3 adults with difficulty.

Also, with a dome tent, only a small awning can be added, leaving little storage space for luggage.

3. Launch tent

This type of tent is also called a pop-up tent because it can be set up in no time. This is also its biggest advantage. In addition, pop-up tents are generally light and easy to transport.

Tent assembly and its disadvantages

Pitch tents have little stability and offer little space. For most tents of this type, there is not much height. They are only good for lying down.

Disassembly is considerably more complicated than assembly. You have to practice packing everything so that the launch tent can fit in the carrying bag.

A pitch tent is right for you if you only want to camp occasionally and only want to spend a night or two in the tent.

What should you watch out for if you want to buy a good 3 person tent?

First of all, you need to think about how often and how you want to use your tent. If you only want to camp every once in a while, maybe to have a place to spend the night at a big event or for the kids to sleep in the garden, quality isn’t that important. The main thing is that the tent remains dry and does not collapse, even in gusty winds.

It is something different if you regularly go camping with your family. So it’s not enough to have a waterproof and windproof tent, but above all a tent that offers enough space for people and their luggage.

How do you recognize a good 3-person tent?

Pay attention to how the tent is treated. With high-quality products, the seams must be protected against the ingress of water by special fabric strips. A thick waterproof groundsheet provides protection from moisture from below.

One of the most important criteria is the waterproofness of the tent fabric. It is specified in millimeters of water column. A tent is considered waterproof from a value of 1500 mm of water column. The best products reach values ​​of 5,000 mm water column.

These tents are also suitable for use in extreme conditions.

Package size and weight decision factor

When choosing a good 3 person tent, you should also consider the size and weight of the packaging. The smaller the package size and the lower the weight, the easier the tent to carry. From home to car, from car to camping, hiking, etc.

Comfort is also important when camping

If you don’t plan on doing a solo hike and are looking for comfort, make sure the windows and entrance have netting to protect you from bugs. Mosquito nets in front of the windows also provide the necessary privacy when camping.

It is better not to buy cheap products. The few dollars you save will quickly be forgotten with a bad tent that lets in wind and humidity.

In addition, the probability that you will have to buy a new 3-person tent within a short period of time due to a defect increases.

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Where can I buy a cheap 3 person tent?

A tent is something that you certainly don’t buy every day. There are still many consumers who swear by buying from a specialty store, mostly because they get personal advice there and can pick up and review the products.

There are many advantages to buying online
However, the number of those who buy a 3 person tent on the Internet is constantly increasing. There are many good reasons for this. One of the most important is that shopping on the internet is so easy and convenient.

Instead of wandering around a camping store or decathlon looking for a large tent suitable for 3 people, you can order from the comfort of your armchair. You don’t need to respect opening hours or closing days.

Another positive point is the huge choice that awaits you on Amazon for example. The choice is greater than in the largest specialty store in a big city. Your order will be sent to you after a few days, often even for free.

Knowledgeable through the Internet
Although you cannot test the 3 person tent in an online store, this is often also not possible in a specialty store. Therefore, not only detailed descriptions of the products are available on the internet, but also information from our 3 person tent test.

Added to this are the reviews and opinions of other customers who have already had experience with the product.

This means that you are at least as knowledgeable as an experienced specialist salesperson.

Tips for the 3-person tent

Every tent is different. Even if you already have a lot of camping experience, you should definitely try out the tent at home in the garden before going on vacation with it.

No vacation without a tent test!
Test in particular assembly and disassembly. Of course, it takes a little practice for this. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to ask for help from another camper friend because you can’t manage to pitch the tent on your own.

In addition, when camping, it can always happen that the assembly instructions disappear or are washed out by the rain. After the second time at the latest, you no longer need the instructions anyway.

If you choose a rainy day for a test set-up, you can immediately test whether the tent is also waterproof.

Don’t forget to order spare parts!

The weak points of many tents are the hoops and the sardines. Often the parts included in the delivery are only of inferior quality.

If you want to use your 3 person tent more often, it may be worth ordering more stable and better quality replacement poles and poles.

It is very annoying that a tent pole breaks in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm and there is no replacement available. In some circumstances, this could mean the early end of a camping vacation.

Careful disassembly pays off

You should also be very careful when dismantling the tent. It is best to clean it from coarse dirt. The more recent the dirt, the better it will be removed.

When packing, be careful not to include any stones or sharp pieces of wood that could damage the fabric. Before storing the tent at home for a long time, it must first be dried and cleaned.

It is best to take advantage of a dry, sunny day and pitch the tent in the garden.

Immediately repair small damage

You can take this opportunity to inspect the walls and floor mats for holes and cracks. You can order repair kits in specialty stores and on the Internet to repair the damage.

Do not store the tent until it is completely dry. If you don’t, mold stains can form and there will be an unpleasant mold smell in the tent.

3 person tent – Conclusion

Camping holidays are increasingly popular with the French. A good tent is one of the most important conditions to enjoy your vacation, especially if you want to bivouac or trek.

To do this, you need a large tent, which must not only be stable and waterproof, but above all, have enough space for everyone.

As a rule, it is not only the people who sleep in it, but there must also be room to store their luggage.

When buying a tent, one should pay attention to the quality. You will enjoy a good 3 person tent for many years to come because they are made by the manufacturer to be very durable and designed for continuous use.

There are different types of tents. If you don’t know which one is best for you, it’s best to use the internet to find out more.