What To Wear When Camping In Summer?

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and be in touch with nature. It’s also a lot of fun for kids, as they get to experience new things and have adventures they might not otherwise have. But it can be an unpredictable adventure if you’re unprepared. So before your next camping trip, here are some things you should consider packing: jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeved shirts and plaid button ups!

How camping in summer is not the same as camping in winter. It’s important to make sure you are prepared for the weather conditions with proper layering, heavy duty sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Here are some things you might want to consider wearing when packing for your next camping trip-jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeved shirts and plaid button ups!

Camping in summer

Summer Camping is different than winter camping when it comes to what clothing to wear.

Here are some tips:

1) Wear Sunscreen and Hat and Sunglasses: The sun in summer can burn your skin in just a few minutes if you’re not careful, so sunscreen and hats and sunglasses are key!

woman wearing Sunglasses in summer camping

2) Wear layers: Make sure that you layer yourself appropriately for the weather conditions. If it’s really hot outside, but there’s a chance of rain or snow, then wear long sleeved shirts or plaid button ups! And if it gets cold at night, make sure you have warm coats, sweaters, sweatpants, gloves, hats etc.

summer clothing for camping

3) Bring a change of clothes: You will get dirty when camping! When you go swimming or fishing or playing in the dirt, you will need to be prepared by having a change of clothes. Jeans and T-shirts are okay for everyday wear while camping, but make sure you have other things like shorts for when it’s hot, sweats for when it’s cold and water-proof shoes.

summer clothings

4) Wear shoes appropriate for the environment: This is especially true if you are camping near a river or lake. Sandals or flip flops may be okay on the beach, but they can get stuck between rocks, which isn’t good for them OR your feet. Make sure you have heavy duty sneakers or water-proof boots.

clothing for summer camping

5) Have fun! – This is the most important part of camping in summer, so make sure to wear clothes that let you enjoy yourself in your environment!

summer camping fun

Summer is a great time for camping and exploring the outdoors. However, it’s important to be prepared for all types of weather that can come your way when you’re out in nature. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes by layering up – both on top and underneath! And don’t forget about sunscreen…your body will thank you later.